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Tuesdays with Garth… A Tip of the Hat!

Today marks the final installment of "Tuesdays with Garth."  Here's to you, Garth Brooks.  Thanks for being part of this adventure, presenting a potpourri of Doc's poems in tandem with Doc himself, on stages all across the country.  And today's poem captures just a little something special about poetry itself, and the power of rhyming words.  Check it out!

Just Around the Corner… The Grand Finale, Tuesdays with Garth!

"Tune in Tomorrow," as they say… Because tomorrow will be the grand finale of "Tuesdays with Garth!"  These two hombres will be riding out their separate ways soon.  But not before they present one final poem on stage.  What a journey! 

Tuesdays with Garth… A Tale of Romance

Inspired by the fine art poster from the Durango Cowboy Poetry gathering, Doc and Garth are honored to share with you Doc's original poem, "Nights in Espanol."  It's a love story, a blending of two lives and two cultures, thrown together by fate under a west Texas moon. 

Tuesdays with Garth... We're Goin' Green!

Tuesdays with Garth is goin' green.  It's Doc Mehl and Garth Brooks reciting Doc's poem "Bettle-Kill."  It's about the circle of life.  It's about ecosystems.  The poem is downright organic.  And it even rhymes.  Check it out...

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